Deposits and Returns

How to return your bottles and get your $

If you have empties to return, add a note to your next order and we’ll include a pre-paid return shipping label (this is automatic with our subscription boxes, just FYI). Please dry your empties as best you can, and send them back them in the Pono Home Essentials box with the provided shipping label. To go even deeper into zero waste, you can return them in the same box with the same packing fill. Keep any pumps or dispensers…clean, sterilize and reuse them!



Not happy with a product? No problem! We stand behind every product we sell. If you feel the product you bought within the last 30 days is not in line with your expectations, we will extend equivalent credit toward another purchase. Proof of purchase is required, but there is no need to return your unused portion. Of course, if you want your deposit back on the bottle or tin, you can return it to us and get the deposit back. To get credit toward another purchase, simply email